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Professor Emeritus of Interactive Design in the James Madison University School of Media Arts & Design.
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Dr. Anderson is a professor emeritus of interactive design in the School of Media Arts & Design at James Madison University where he was a Ruth D. Bridgeforth Endowed Professor. He is interested in interactive design, front-end web development, video journalism and study abroad, not necessarily in that order.

His websites have won the top awards from both the Association for Education in Journalism & Mass Communication - AEJMC (Best of the Web Competition) and the Broadcast Education Association - BEA (Best of Festival). This site was recognized with a Gold Award in the 2021 W3 Awards.

Steve Anderson

About this Site

The site was hand-coded and uses no content management system nor framework. It uses a mobile-first, responsive approach with multiple media queries. The layout of the site was done with CSS Grid. In some cases, responsive layouts were achieved with CSS Grid's auto-fit and auto-fill keywords.

The site was created to teach students how to incorporate many of the features seen here. Please visit the Build My Portfolio section to see the lessons.

Light Mode/Dark Mode

This site supports the new CSS media feature known as prefers-color-scheme. While some websites have supported enabling a site-specific "dark mode" option manually, the new media feature allows users to change a preference within their OS. Once enabled, all sites that support the feature will appear in the mode selected without having to use a toggle switch on each individual site.


International Work

Urbino Italy

Urbino Project

Summer 2011 - Summer 2022. Directed a summer study abroad program where students produced multimedia, text, and video stories on places, people, and events in Urbino and the Marche region of Italy.

Florence Italy

Florence Stories

Fall Semester 2017. JMU Faculty-Member-in-Residence. Taught a class called Florence Stories where students produced videos and blogged about a subject area or "beat" related to their majors.

Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul Stories

Summer 2015. Taught principles of video storytelling to students enrolled in the ieiMedia (Institute for Education in International Media) Istanbul program at Bahçeşehir University.

Cairo Egypt

MISR International University

September 27 - October 12, 2012. Visiting Professor. Taught a course in online communication and wrote a report with recommendations on their communication curricula.

London England

Semester in London

Fall Semester 2009. Worked with students in the JMU Semester in London program located in the Bloomsbury neighborhood of London. Led tours and cultural events.


Latest Projects

These are two of the most recent web projects I've been working on. The "CSS Grid Layout" site was completely hand-coded using the latest CSS layout module called CSS Grid. No frameworks or libraries were used.

The "Urbino Project" was created using the WordPress (.org, not .com) content management system. It's one of ten separate sites made for the Urbino Project going back to 2011.

CSS Grid Layout

Website created as a tutorial for learning the CSS Grid Layout Module.

Urbino Project

Website created to showcase student writing, photography, and video.

Student Work

Below are some of the best porfolio sites created by my students. All are mobile-first, responsive sites utilizing CSS Grid for layout. Students used various techniques found at the Build this Portfolio site.
Used by permission.

Brianne Petrone

Created Spring 2021

Teodora Hryshchyshyn

Created Spring 2021

Kirsten DeZeeuw

Created Spring 2021

Bryant Leonard

Created Spring 2021

Instructional Videos

Latest Videos

These are four videos I created to teach the use of CSS Grid for layout of webpages. The material covers CSS Grid from the basics to more advanced applications.

CSS Grid website

CSS Grid Basics

This video covers the basics of CSS grid, including grid's properties, a new unit called the "fractional unit" (fr), grid lines, grid areas, nested grids, justification and alignment, overlapping, and making white space.
Watch: MP4 | YouTube

Urbino Project

Auto-Fit and Auto-Fill: Responsive Sites without Media Queries

This video lesson contains an overview of CSS Grid's auto-fit and auto-fill keywords and how they are used to make a responsive page without media queries.
Watch: MP4 | YouTube

Urbino Project

Making a Page with Panes

This video shows step-by-step how to use CSS Grid to make a page with multiple panes or panels where some of the panes use fixed background images in a parallax scrolling effect.
Watch: MP4 | YouTube

Urbino Project

Images and Video at 100 Viewport Height and Width

Step-by-step tutorial on using CSS Grid to make pages take up 100% of the viewport. The video shows how to use both an image and a video to fill the viewport.
Watch: MP4 | YouTube

TV News/Weather Graphics

The images below represent work done for SMAD's weekly student-run television newscast, "JMU Today". While broadcast stations tend to use specialized, proprietary systems for creating news and weather graphics, these were created in Adobe Photoshop.

The images below show sample completed graphics, but the editable multi-layered Photoshop (PSD) base graphics are accessible as well.

Weather Almanac

Download Multi-layered PSD

Current Conditions

Download Multi-layered PSD

National Satellite

Download Multi-layered PSD

National Forecast

Download Multi-layered PSD

Virginia Weather

Download Multi-layered PSD

Weather Symbols

Download Multi-layered PSD

Election Results - 1

Download Multi-layered PSD

Election Results - 2

Download Multi-layered PSD

Election Results - 3

Download Multi-layered PSD

Election Results - 4

Download Multi-layered PSD

Election Results - 5

Download Multi-layered PSD

Television News Videos

In my first career, I was a television weathercaster, environmental reporter, and news videographer. I worked at three stations, KTHI (now KVLY) in Fargo, N.D., KJEO (now KGPE) in Fresno, California, and KCNC in Denver, Colorado. I spent 7 1/2 years at KCNC (network owned and operated station) as a weathercaster and environmental specialist reporter.

Note: I had the good fortune of working on-air with Peter Rogot in both Fresno and Denver. He is seen in many of these videos. Peter died in 1991 at age 37 from a congenital heart defect while working at ESPN. More here, here, here, and here.

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YouTube Playlist
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