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Anderson/Miller Family Tree
Excel spreadsheet with embedded photos, maps, and historical information about ancestors.
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Music Performance
Recorded music from Dawson, Minnesota cover band "Deep Silence". (Lynn Mullins, Mark Nash, Steve Anderson, Glen Gelhar, Roger Seeling & Mitch Twite). Recorded October 14, 1972 during a performance at the Dawson Armory. Also included are several songs from "Breakdown Epxress" (Lynn Mullins & Steve Anderson) and two songs recorded by Steve Anderson. (All circa 1974/1975. Website created circa 2004.)

Radio Airchecks/Productions
This sections contains several audio recordiings from WJON-AM and KVSC-FM.

From August 1976 to August 1977 while attending St. Cloud State University, I worked as a part-time reporter for WJON-AM in St. Cloud, Minnesota covering local school boards, city councils and the St. Cloud Regional Council of Governments. I also worked the Sunday morning news shift (approximtely 5:30 AM to 12:00 PM) and had the good fortune to work with Dean Spratt. (Dean was blind, but as capable as any sighted person).

Between July 1976 and July 1977 I also served as the Program Director for the St. Cloud State University radio station, KVSC-FM. I worked on the air at KVSC from 1974 - 1977.

Newscast #1 (WJON-AM) - Duration: 5:30
Newscast #2 (WJON-AM) - Duration: 9:29
Aircheck #1 (KVSC-FM) - Duration: 28:52
Aircheck #2 (KVSC-FM) - Duration: 6:32
Aircheck #3 (KVSC-FM) - Duration: 2:17
Audio Resume - Duration: 5:28
Audition Tape - Duration: 2:52
Mary Ellen (Miller) Anderson PSAs - Duration: 5:12

Steve Anderson's Academic Vita


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