Urbino, Italy

Urbino is a picturesque Renaissance hill town and the jewel of the Marche region of central Italy. Although Urbino was a Roman and medieval city, its peak came during the 15th century when Duke Federico da Montefeltro established one of Europe's most illustrious courts. Urbino's historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Urbino is relatively small and off the beaten path of tourists, yet it's a hip college town with one of the oldest universities in Italy. The town is nestled on a sloping hillside and the surrounding scenery is awe inspiring. You're not likely to see buses with large groups of tourists here.

Beautiful Adriatic beaches are a short distance away and reachable via local bus service that runs multiple times per day. Florence and Venice are easily reachable via train in the nearby town of Pesaro.

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The skyline of Urbino includes the Duoma (on the left) and the Ducal Palace (on the right). Outstanding views of the city are seen from numerous locations.
Students met with CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer, who was in Urbino to receive the Urbino Press Award.
Urbino program Director Steve Anderson talks with student Kerry Nevins in Piazza della Repubblica in Urbino.
Students learn basic camera operation and priciples of video storytelling.
Events seem to pop up everywhere. Here, an evening fashion show took place in Piazza della Repubblica.
Student hold up their Raffie Awards, given at a program ending awards ceremony before our final dinner.

Urbino Websites

The sites below were made each summer for the Urbino program run by ieiMedia and James Madison University. I created nine separate sites (from 2011 - 2019) to showcase student work in writing, photography and video. The 2020 Urbino program was cancelled due to the Coronavirus.

2011 Urbino Project

2012 Urbino Project

2013 Urbino Project

2014 Urbino Project

2015 Urbino Project

2016 Urbino Project

2017 Urbino Project

2018 Urbino Project

2019 Urbino Project

Video students in Urbino

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ROLE: Program Director | Instructor | Website Creator

LOCATION: Urbino, Italy (Marche Region)

DATES: Four weeks in May/June from 2011 - 2019


SUBJECTS: Multimedia Storytelling | Magazine Production | Documentary Video


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