London, England

In the Semester in London Program, students study and examine the great works while exploring how history influences the present in Europe's most cosmopolitan city.

The program features a full load of classes, an internship option, cultural outings, and travel. As the faculty-member-in-residence, I escorted students on trips to Stonehenge & the Cotswolds, Edinburgh, Bath, Bristol, and Paris. I also went with students on city tours, to west-end plays and to an evening of jazz at Ronnie Scott's.

I also conducted research into early British television development at Alexandra Palace, the site of a 1936 competition between a mechanical system invented by John Logie Baird and an electronic system developed by Marconi-EMI. The palace become the early home of BBC television and today houses an archive and museum.

London Location

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With students on a trip to Stonehenge.

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I took this photo of the students in Queen Mary's Rose Gardens in Regent's Park.

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The entrance to the JMU Semester in London offices on Bedford Place in the Bloomsbury neighborhood near Russell Square.

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Students arriving by bus from London Heathrow at the JMU facility on Bedford Place.

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Inside the "History of the BBC" museum in Alexandra Palace in north London.

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Students take time to catch up on class readings while on the Eurostar train from London to Paris.

On a tour in London

Fact Sheet

ROLE: Faculty-Member-in-Residence | Instructor

LOCATION: London, England.

DATES: August 20 - December 10, 2009

AFFILIATED UNIVERSITY: James Madison University - London Program

SUBJECT: Research Project on Early British Television Technology


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